Brazil, 2012, HD, Color, 20', Fiction

— When and Where —

  • 03/06 17:30 Itaú (Sala 2)
  • 04/06 14:45 Cinemateca

A fisherman drifts on the tides and surviving on the leftovers of a ruined marriage. He accepts the beauty offered by the rough sea in exchange of his own life.

Age Classification 12


  • Director: Diego Florentino
  • Scriptwriter: Diego Florentino
  • Producer: Diego Florentino, Diego Stavitzki, Viviane Gazotto
  • Director of Photography: Netto Ferreira
  • Production Designer: Ana Câmara, Marja Calafange
  • Sound: João Menna Barreto
  • Main Cast: Santos Chagas, Laura Haddad, Rita Sales
  • Production Company: Tropico Audiovisual, Evolução Filmes

The director

Diego Florentino is a cinema and TV director, editor and scriptwriter. He graduated in Cinema from CINETVPR/FAP and studied Dramaturgy at Núcleo SESI British Council. He directed and edited several awarded short films and his feature film debut as a director is CIRCULAR.